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if you are a tech writer and want to have a .wider audience, you can consider writing for Surviving with Android.
The site has a wide exposure with thousand views per day, and it is referenced by the most important tech site on the net, so it could be a great chance for you.

Before continuing you should ask yourself what I want to share with others and how my content can be useful for other readers.

What Post Content SwA likes?

The main topics covered by SwA are about Android Development and Internet of things. We are interested in both topics, so if you think to have special skills in one of them you can contact SwA.

The article must have high-quality and must answer to a specific problem. Moreover, the article must add value to the readers solving a problem, describing a solution, presenting different ways to solve a problem.

The content should be at least 1,000 words and you can use MS words or whatever tool you like. In more details, we are interested in:


  • Android development tutorial
  • Tips about Android tools
  • Open source library tutorial
  • Gradle tutorials
  • Comparison

Internet of things (IoT)

  • IoT project tutorial
  • Arduino project tutorial
  • Raspberry project tutorial
  • IoT platforms comparison
  • IoT platforms details
  • IoT ecosystem analysis

If you think you have the required skills to cover one or more of these topics you can contact Surviving with Android.


What the content SwA does not like?

SwA does not like content that tries to promote a product. SwA does not like Ads, articles that try to sell tickets, events, courses and so on. The only intent of SwA is providing the best quality of an article and share knowledge.


What You Get in return

Free Content Posting – Unlimited sharing of non-promotional content across several social networks.

Increase your Leadership – Increase your visibility and establish expertise with full attribution on every post,  with the author bio



Your article you will be granted to me and I can author it as I prefer. The author and his bio will be shown at the end of the post.

The article can’t be sent to other website or blog.

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In return, you will have your name and bio and a wide exposure.