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Machine Learning tutorial. Here you can find all the tutorial describing how to develop smart Android app and smart IoT systems

Art with ESP32-CAM: Style Transfer – Magenta JS

This tutorial describes how to create art with ESP32-CAM using style transfer and Magenta.js. One field where AI and machine learning can...

How to use ESP32-CAM with Tensorflow.js

ESP32-CAM with Tensorflow.js
This tutorial describes how to use ESP32-CAM with Tensorflow.js to apply machine learning model to images

Run Tensorflow Lite on ESP32 from scratch: Easy guide (PlatformIO)

Tensorflow lite wtih ESP32
Easy guide to compile and run Tensorflow on ESP32. Follow this tutorial to build the Tensorflow library for ESP32 with Hello World example

ESP32-CAM Image Classification using Machine Learning

Apply machine learning to ESP32-CAM to enable image recognition
This tutorial covers how to implement an ESP32-CAM Image classification system using Machine Learning. The ESP32-CAM has the capability to acquire video...

Transfer Learning tutorial: (Retrain an Image classifier + Tensorflow)

Machine Learning Tensorflow Transfer Learning
This Transfer Learning tutorial describes how to use Transfer Learning to classify images using Tensorflow Machine Learning platform. This article wants to provide a...

How to apply machine learning to android using Fritz.ai

frtiz.ai machine learning
This article describes how to develop a Machine Learning Android app using Fritz.ai. Before diving into the details about how to build...

Firebase Face Detection: How to use Firebase ML kit Face Detection

Machine Learning
Firebase ML Kit brings the Machine Learning to Android/Android Things app. This is a step by step tutorial about how to use Face Detection characteristics

9 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management

In today’s competitive and complex market, it is tough to develop a proper forecasting model for fulfilling demand in the supply chain process. Most...