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Particle Photon IoT

Particle Photon tutorial with real example

This Photon Particle tutorial covers how to use Particle to develop an IoT project. This photon tutorial describes several aspects that can be useful when building an IoT project using Photon Particle. As...

Practical Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) Security: How to make IIoT secure

This practical Industrial IoT is a guide about how to make IIoT secure Learn about authentication and authorization frameworks for IIoT in this guest post by Sravani Bhattacharjee, the author of Practical Industrial Internet of Things...
Android Things

How to develop an Android IoT app using Android Things and Cloud

In this article, we cover how to develop an Android IoT app that uses Android Things. In more details, this Android IoT app will send data, acquired from the sensors, to the cloud. This...

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