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esp8266 firebase realtime database

ESP8266 Firebase: Connect ESP8266 to Google Firebase real time database

Connect ESP8266 to Firebase database. Syncrhonize the data on Firebase database with ESP8266 to control the device in real time
Machine Learning

Firebase Face Detection: How to use Firebase ML kit Face Detection

Firebase ML Kit brings the Machine Learning to Android/Android Things app. This is a step by step tutorial about how to use Face Detection characteristics
realtime database Android app

How to Create an Android Application using Realtime Database: Step by Step guide

In this guest post by Ashok Kumar S, the author of Mastering Firebase for Android Development, you’ll learn how to build a small application using Realtime Database. This tutorial describes how to build an Android...
Android Things firebase integration

How to integrate Android Things with Firebase: Firebase IoT tutorial – Practical guide

This practical guide about Firebase IoT, describes how to integrate Android Things with Firebase. To accomplish this integration, we will build a project that controls an RGB LED remotely in real time. In more details,...