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ESP8266 with Firebase realtime database: IoT Controlled RGB LEDs

This tutorial covers how to build an IoT controlled RGB LEDs (such a LEDs strip) using ESP32 or ESP8266 and Firebase. This is an interesting project because through it, it is possible...
Machine Learning

Firebase Face Detection: How to use Firebase ML kit Face Detection

Firebase ML Kit brings the Machine Learning to Android/Android Things app. This is a step by step tutorial about how to use Face Detection characteristics
realtime database Android app

How to Create an Android Application using Realtime Database: Step by Step guide

In this guest post by Ashok Kumar S, the author of Mastering Firebase for Android Development, you’ll learn how to build a small application using Realtime Database. This tutorial describes how to build an Android...
Android Things firebase integration

How to integrate Android Things with Firebase: Firebase IoT tutorial – Practical guide

This practical guide about Firebase IoT, describes how to integrate Android Things with Firebase. To accomplish this integration, we will build a project that controls an RGB LED remotely in real time. In more details,...