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ESP32-CAM PlatformIO stream video and face recognition

ESP32-CAM with PlatformIO: Video streaming and face recognition

This tutorial covers how to use ESP32-CAM with PlatformIO. This guide describes step by step how to compile and run ESP32-CAM sketch with PlatformIO. In more detail, we will cover how to...
Connect ESP32 to smartphone using Node-RED

How to connect ESP32 to the smartphone using Node-RED

Connect your smartphone to ESP32 through Node-RED running on Raspberry Pi. Create an UI dashbaord using Node-RED

ESP32 Rest API: How to implement an ESP32 API server using PlatformIO

Learn how to implement a ESP32 Rest API server to expose JSON API to interact with ESP32 easily. Using JSON API, it is possible to exchange data with ESP32.

ESP32 MQTT client: Publish and Subscribe. HiveMQ and BME280 example

This tutorial describes how to develop an ESP32 MQTT client. This client publishes sensor readings and subscribte to MQTT channel to receive data
Send email using ESP32 with SMTP server

Send Email using ESP32 with SMTP Server: Plain and HTML email

This guide describes how to send email using ESP32 with an SMTP server. There are several scenarios in IoT where there is the need to send an email: alerting...

Google Cloud IoT Core ESP32: Send data to Google IoT Platform using MQTT

This tutorial covers how to integrate Google Cloud IoT and ESP32. In more detail, it will describe how to send data to Google IoT Platform ESP32 through MQTT. This ESP32 tutorial will...

How to connect ESP32 to Amazon AWS IoT Core using AWS MQTT

This tutorial covers how to connect ESP32 to Amazon AWS IoT Core. During this tutorial, we will connect the ESP32 to Amazon AWS using MQTT. In summary, this is a step by...
Getting started with ESP32

Getting started with ESP32: Build a weather station (BMP280 + SSD1306)

This getting started tutorial with ESP32 describes how to build a weather station using ESP32 using BMP280 and SSD1306. This ESP32 project displays sensor readings using an LCD display. Building a weather...