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Art with ESP32-CAM: Style Transfer – Magenta JS

This tutorial describes how to create art with ESP32-CAM using style transfer and Magenta.js. One field where AI and machine learning can be applied is the art field. In this tutorial, we...
Apply machine learning to ESP32-CAM to enable image recognition

ESP32-CAM Image Classification using Machine Learning

This tutorial covers how to implement an ESP32-CAM Image classification system using Machine Learning. The ESP32-CAM has the capability to acquire video and images, we will use this capability to classify images...
ESP32-CAM PlatformIO stream video and face recognition

ESP32-CAM with PlatformIO: Video streaming and face recognition

This tutorial covers how to use ESP32-CAM with PlatformIO. This guide describes step by step how to compile and run ESP32-CAM sketch with PlatformIO. In more detail, we will cover how to...