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arduino data logger

Arduino cloud data logger: Step by step guide

Discover how to build an Arduino cloud data logger project based on Xively. This post describes how to develop an Arduino cloud data logger that sends data (retrieved from sensors) to Xively IoT cloud platform. This...
smart plant system using iot

How to build a Smart plant monitoring system using IoT

This tutorial describes how to build a smart plant monitoring system that controls the plant's health status. With a smart plant monitoring system using Arduino, it is possible to check:
arduino api

Arduino Rest API: How to use and create API with Arduino in IoT

Arduino Rest API is a way to integrate Arduino with external systems. The tutorial describes how to implement a Arduino Rest API server and how to send data to Arduino using API. Arduino.
arduino mkr1000 project

Arduino MKR1000 Tutorial – How to use Arduino MKR1000 in IoT projects

This Arduino MKR1000 tutorial describes how to program Arduino to send tweets. In more details,  in this Arduino project, we will use Arduino MKR1000. This is an interesting Internet of things project where Arduino MKR1000...
arduino weather station

How to use Arduino with TheThings.io

This tutorial describes how to use TheThings.io with Arduino. This tutorial explores how to build an IoT based on Arduino that exchanges data with TheThings.io. To get the data to send the...
arduino rgb led

How to connect Android app to Arduino using HTTP and Arduino Webserver

This tutorial describes how to connect an Android app to Arduino using a Webserver that runs on Arduino. The Android app uses the HTTP protocol to connect to Arduino. Therefore we need...

IoT Project: Integrate Arduino with Yahoo! using Temboo – Updated

This IoT project explores how to integrate Arduino with Yahoo! Weather. Internet of things (IoT project) is the next big thing in the near feature. This technology is growing fast and there are many objects...
IoT project using Android and Arduino

Practical Guide about how to use Ubidots with Arduino to build IoT projects

This article covers how to connect Ubidots to Arduino to build an IoT project. Moreover, this practical guide explores how Arduino can connect to Ubidots to send sensor readings. Moreover, in the second part...