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recovering deleted data from an android device

Recovering Deleted Data from an Android Device

Learn how to recover deleted data from an Android device in this article by Oleg Skulkin, a senior digital forensic analyst at Group-IB, one...
frtiz.ai machine learning

Machine Learning Android app [Fritz.ai]

This article describes how to develop a Machine Learning Android app using Fritz.ai. Before diving into the details about how to build...
power management iot

Device Power Management in IoT

One aspect to consider while developing an IoT project is the device power management. With the rise of Internet of Things, the...
Particle Photon IoT

Particle Photon tutorial with real example

This Photon Particle tutorial covers how to use Particle to develop an IoT project. This photon tutorial describes several aspects that can...
raspberry pi tools

Python Tools for Raspberry Pi: Unleash the power of Python

Learn the Python Tools for Raspberry Pi and how to write a simple Python program in this article by Colin Dow, the owner and...
Machine Learning

Firebase Face Detection: How to use Firebase ML kit Face Detection

Firebase ML Kit brings the Machine Learning to Android/Android Things app. This is a step by step tutorial about how to use Face Detection characteristics

Unleash the Potential of IIoT in Manufacturing Industry

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk on how Industrial IoT can change the manufacturing situation and derive more...
CoAP Protocol tutorial

CoAP Protocol Tutorial:What is and how to use

This article is a guide about what is CoAP protocol and how to use it in the Internet of things.  CoAP is an IoT protocol...