Disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things has the potential to fall into the endless pit of buzzword-vagueness. The world is changing at a breathtaking pace. Within a blink of an eye, you will have missed yet another disruption, another tech-driven innovation. But instead of running away, it’s time to embrace it!

The digital revolution has brought a significant shift in the way businesses work and interact. Apart from reshaping the structure of the marketplace, new revenue opportunities have opened especially for businesses that have previously been focused on ‘ just making things.’ For instance, have you heard of Philips – a reputable company that emphasizes on making light bulbs? With the help of technology, it can now offer additional lighting-as-a-service solutions that combine its lighting expertise with ubiquitous connectivity. The emerging tech solutions have disrupted the industry so much so that it’s now possible for almost any organization to enter the market without crippling capital investments.

This may be surprising, but the potential to be the next big thing is still very much up for grabs. If you build it, they will come! Now I won’t get into the details right now since we have limited time. The following post states how can machine learning revamp your mobile app? In simple words, you have got a glittering opportunity to capture the eyeballs.

Machine learning can help us take the best route back home, where we can find the right product that matches the needs of the end user, and even contribute to schedule hair salon appointments. Speaking in terms of theory, one can create user experiences that delight and impress users. But have you wondered why do we need to incorporate machine learning into mobile apps?

Machine Learning Revamp Your Mobile App

Like it or not, with a mobile app that lacks any prominent feature, or something that contains annoying pop-up ads, you might be hardly able to delight your target audience. Here Machine learning (ML) comes into play and helps to bridge the individualization gap to a great extent. As result companies are now able to create algorithms and machines that understand humans, assist them in their tasks, and even entertain them.

Let’s see how machine learning technology can enrich your business?


Personalized Experience

In the present scenario, several sources of information can be analyzed from social media activity to credit ratings and pop recommendations right onto customers’ devices. This tech, in particular, can help you classify user based on their interests, collect user information, and decide on your app’s look. You can learn:

  • Who your customers are?
  • What do they want?
  • What can they afford?
  • Think of their hobbies, preferences, even pain points if needed?
  • What words/phrases they’re using while describing about your products

Based on this collected data, you can classify and structure your end customers to come up with an individual approach to each customer group and adopt the tone of your content. In simple words, your users can enjoy some of the most relevant and enticing content. Also, by incorporating machine learning, you can easily convey the impression that your app is really talking to them.

Market leaders can now come up with certain imaginable and improbable ways like never before.

Advanced search functionality

Right from optimizing search in your app, delivering better and more contextual results, and making searching more intuitive and less burdensome, nothing can stop you from creating a wonderland for your customers. Machine learning algorithms can learn from customer queries and prioritize the results that interest a particular person. Day in day out, we can gather information about your end customers, such as search histories and typical actions. In addition to this, use this data along with behavioral data and search requests to rank products and services.

Relevant Ads

Have you come across the phrase “in the right place at the right time”? Relevant ads is all about showing the right ads to the right audience. With the help of machine learning, more and more companies are targeting personalized ads and messages more accurately. In addition to this, you can prevent customers from facing their major turn off –too many irrelevant ads. You can also generate ads based on that particular data about each customer’s unique interests and purchasing trends.

Moreover, you can now predict how a particular customer will react to a specific promotion. This means you can show particular ads only to customers who are most likely to be interested in the product or service displayed. It’s all about saving an adequate amount of time and money and of course, the reputation of your brand.

Enhanced Security

Being an effective marketing tool, machine learning can streamline and secure app authentication. No kidding! By using voice recognition techniques, customers can authenticate their presence- all thanks to biometric data such as face or fingerprint. For instance, apps like ZoOm Login and BioID, allows customers to log in other websites and application easily. Starting from ultra-secure, selfie-style face authentication to periocular eye recognition for partially visible faces, the app surely works wonders in regards to security.

Banking and other financial companies are also seen leveraging ML algorithms to inspect customers’ previous transactions, social media activities, and borrowing history and to determine credit ratings. Also, you can avail these impressive varieties of features such as:

  • Image recognition
  • Shipping cost estimation
  • Product tagging automation
  • Wallet management
  • Logistics optimization
  • Business intelligence

User Engagement

When compared to other apps, machine learning apps are found to be more engaging. You can think of several tools that might empower you to offer an exclusive range of appealing features, full customer support and give a reason to use these apps daily. Analyzing accurate data, making real-time decisions becomes easy like never before. As for customers, it provides friendly and intelligent digital assistants like AI chatbots, conversational UXs (voice assistants) for good communication.

I am not done yet! Other than these chatty assistants, you may even encounter some bots(riddle bots). They send clues and knotty riddles in case, if you get stuck while solving any complicated puzzles. Interesting isn’t it! Snapchat is one of the best examples to take into account that makes the most of machine learning and augmented reality technology. As a result, one can improve their application with a built-in translator since machine learning supports voice translation in real time.

Valuable features

Because it supports real-time speech translation, machine intelligence allows enhancing your app with a built-in translator. As a result, international customers can successfully communicate within your app with no need for third-party online translators.

Want some real examples?

Down below I would like to get acquainted with certain lucrative use cases for machine learning in your mobile app.

#1 Uber– By using machine learning, Uber is now able to provide an exceptional experience to everyone including (drivers and riders). Unlike other companies, it employs ML tools for providing an estimated time of arrival and cost to the riders, offering real-time detailed information in the maps. Moreover, Uber also relies on machine learning while dealing with fraudulent behavior through practices like face detection and not accepting the stolen credit cards.

#2 Gboard- By incorporating neural spatial model, Gboard determines the touch points on the screen for serving users with more accurate typing experience. ML tools are used to predict the next word by matching the currently typed word with the user typing history and most appropriate phrases in English as well as other relevant languages.

Moreover, it facilitates the users with the feature of finding the right emoji by drawing a blueprint of the same.

#3 Netflix– The popular app is known for employing machine learning again to understand user behavior and offer personalized TV and movie suggestions. It may even interest you to know that Amazon, Flipkart, YouTube, and Instagram employs machine learning tools and techniques to cater to the current and emerging needs of customers in a better manner.

#4 Carat– Have you ever thought of an app providing personalized battery life-saving recommendations through machine learning techniques? Carat successfully does that! The app takes real-time data from your device, combine and compare with others anonymized data and send effective tips to save your phone’s battery life.

Apart from this, it also tells the users when any of the mobile apps is broken and needs to be re-downloaded, or when the phone has to be restarted.

#5 SnapChat– Who doesn’t know what is SnapChat! What you may not know is the app camera detects our face, localizes the facial features and adds filters accordingly.

In a nutshell,

So good so far, we have seen how machine learning can revamp the mobile app development realm. In fact, the tech has the potential to empower things like never before. Right from efficient personalization engine to cutting-edge search mechanisms, fast and secure authentication, and fraud protection, ML technology can do anything and everything for your app. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to jump into the bandwagon right away!

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