Billions of people go online every day. They browse webs, search information, and use social media platforms. Smart businesses know that among all these people going online are their customers too. But the actual question is how to reach them. It’s really turning out to be hard to have a strategy to get a place and influence people in a fast-paced digital world. Typical approaches and technologies have already exhibited limited scopes, but AI can do it quite smartly.

With an AI app development for marketing, businesses can advance the customer-journey and modify the way to attract, capture, and nurture leads. Applying AI to market can also play an essential role in turnings prospects in raving fans.

AI isn’t new for marketers or marketing operations. Many are already reaping benefits from AI innovations by integrating AI-based solutions to every-day business operations. Companies, because of these existing, ongoing, and upcoming implementations, are expected to invest $57 billion on AI app development projects in the next three years.

Now, how you can apply this advanced technology to your business to attain your goals. Here we are sharing some insights that help you understand how you can integrate AI into your marketing workflow.

Know Your Customers

Unless you know your customers, you will not be able to act responsively. So, the first marketing commandment is to ‘Know Your Customers’. The more you learn about a specific customer group or an individual customer, the easier it is to sell your products / services.

And what do you have to know about them? Well, nothing but how do they use social media, review sites, and even AI when they select a specific business brand and interact with that. That’s all. Of course, it happens online and, because you are selling online, you will need the same sort of customer-behavior data to understand your customers.

With expensive insights, you can guide your customers and develop the technology advancing the consumer engagement experience. AI is the best technology to perform this sort of advanced data collection from your audience.

The data will allow you to draw a precise buyer persona which helps your marketing department simplify the customer-profiling process, and gain a clear understanding of customer-behavior. When you have this information, your marketers are able to develop personalized online marketing campaigns. According to a case study conducted by MarketingSherpa, marketers who used buyer-personas to sell their products / services experienced an increment of 171% in marketing-driven revenue.


Keep tabs on social media

Your markers should have the information related to what people are saying about your brand and, what’s their experience with your products or services. Nowadays, customers share their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a brand on their social media platforms.

You would, of course, be interested in knowing that what customers are saying about you; however, the typical monitoring approach just does not show enough. But AI can do this. With a customized AI social media monitoring tool, it’s easy to keep tabs on how your brand is perceived by your customers. With this tool, you would be able to—

  • know thought influencers;
  • recognize customer sentiment;
  • choose trending topics;
  • sort customer information and;
  • listen for specific brand mentions.

Customer service and social engagement

It’s essential to know about the quality of services / products, and the engagement of customers with your company before, during, and after the sales process. The difference between knowing these details and not knowing them is similar to finding a visitor with no buying intention and finding a prospect who really want to buy. These details help marketers create customized campaigns that find them more prospects than mere visitors. A report conducted by Salesforce in 2018 says that 52% of customers are more inclined to change their brand choice if they aren’t offered personalized communication.

The conventional customer service and engagement processes haven’t been fully helpful, but AI does. AI-powered intelligent solutions, like messaging and notifications can help a brand improve its overall engagement with customers.

AI-driven automated intelligent messaging and notification tools can help businesses automatically registers customer-feedback and suggest items based on the buying habits of individual customers.

These tools can also compile consumer insights from each of interactions. In fact, businesses in industries, like healthcare, retail, e-commerce, automobile, finance, and hospitality are already using similar AI tools to improve customer engagement. Messaging and notifications are perfect resources when it comes to connecting with customers. By using messaging and notifications a business can:

  • send prospects push notifications for special events, offers and discounts;
  • build qualified interest and capture leads;
  • book sales and/or service appointments;
  • check inventories of products; and
  • help customers find relevant information or content.

Content Optimization

Almost all leading social media platforms are crowded with companies competing for consumer attention. But the social media is fueled by content which people click, rate, like, and share with their peers. So, content is the actual king when it comes to marketing online either via social media, or via other channels.

On the other hand, it’s hard to discover which content works and which don’t. Content created and pushed online, without thoroughly understanding buyers’ personas or without any direction, or through poor promotion channels will fail. Also, content without hubs in which several multiple content pieces built around one umbrella topic will also fail.

AI can help in this scenario too. The AI-powered technology optimizes content on key insights and comprehensive analyses. This improved visibility that drives more traffic to your online presence.

Wrapping up

All signs show that AI certainly has a positive impact on businesses; particularly on those which have thoughtfully implemented the AI App development for marketing. AI-based marketing tools are changing the way companies market their products and services. When using AI tools for marketing through social media, businesses are able to know deeply about buyer personas. AI is helping them automate customer services and improve engagement, and even optimizing content. AI can help a business throughout its marketing process.


Sofia Coppol is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies which is a leading IT consulting company providing full range it services including, IoT app development, ERP software development, AI App Development, and big data app development solutions.


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