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Build IoT projects using ESP32. Discover the power of ESP32 using it in different scenarios (IoT, Machine Learning, Computer Vision)

Art with ESP32-CAM: Style Transfer – Magenta JS

This tutorial describes how to create art with ESP32-CAM using style transfer and Magenta.js. One field where AI and machine learning can...

How to use ESP32-CAM with Tensorflow.js

ESP32-CAM with Tensorflow.js
This tutorial describes how to use ESP32-CAM with Tensorflow.js to apply machine learning model to images

Run Tensorflow Lite on ESP32 from scratch: Easy guide (PlatformIO)

Tensorflow lite wtih ESP32
Easy guide to compile and run Tensorflow on ESP32. Follow this tutorial to build the Tensorflow library for ESP32 with Hello World example

ESP32-CAM Image Classification using Machine Learning

Apply machine learning to ESP32-CAM to enable image recognition
This tutorial covers how to implement an ESP32-CAM Image classification system using Machine Learning. The ESP32-CAM has the capability to acquire video...

Arduino-cli: compile, upload and manage libraries, cores, and boards

Arduino-cli tutorial
This tutorial describes how to use Arduino-cli to compile, uploads your sketches to an Arduino board or to an alternative board such...

How to connect ESP32 and ESP8266 using ESP-Now protocol

ESP-Now protocol: Connect ESP32 and ESP8266 to send and receive data
ESP-Now is a protocol to connect ESP devices such ESP8266 and ESP32. This tutorial describes ESP-Now and provides some ESP8266 and ESP32 example

ESP32-CAM with PlatformIO: Video streaming and face recognition

ESP32-CAM PlatformIO stream video and face recognition
This tutorial covers how to use ESP32-CAM with PlatformIO. This guide describes step by step how to compile and run ESP32-CAM sketch...

How to connect ESP32 to the smartphone using Node-RED

Connect ESP32 to smartphone using Node-RED
Connect your smartphone to ESP32 through Node-RED running on Raspberry Pi. Create an UI dashbaord using Node-RED