Android Things projects

Develop smart Internet of things projects using Android Things.

Author: Francesco Azzola

Printed: 213 pages

Publisher: Packt Publishing

Release date: June 2017

Language: English

Book Overview:

  • Learn how to install and configure Android Things
  • Learn how to use GPIO, PWM
  • Learn how to develop Android Things drivers
  • Build IoT projects as Spy cam, Weather station, Remote LEDs controller
  • Learn how to integrate Android Things with Arduino, ESP 8266 etc.
  • Discover how to use Android Things in IoT architecture
  • M2M patterns with Android Things (MQTT and more)
  • Integrate Android Things with Android developing companion apps


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Android UI Design Basics Tutorial


Author: Francesco Azzola

Publisher: Exelixis Media P.C

Release date: 2015

Language: English

Book Overview:

  • Android UI Overview
  • Discover how to use Views
  • Layout, Fragments, and Groups
  • How to use multimedia in Android
  • Themes and styles
  • Full working app


Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints

Develop interactive IoT projects using Arduino

I’m the technical reviewer of this book.

Author: Pradeeka Seneviratne

Publisher: Packt Publishing

Release date: October, 2015

Language: English

Book Overview:

  • Internet controlled switch
  • Wifi signal monitoring system
  • Arduino security with camera
  • Solar panel
  • GPS location
  • How to use tweet with Arduino
  • IR with Arduino


IoT: Applications, Protocols, and Best Practices

I’m the contributor to this guide


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