Android WeatherLib: A new lib to create Android Weather App easily and fast

I’ve published at github a new library that makes easier to develop  android weather app providing a framework to get actual, forecast weather and much more.
The lib helps you to focus only on the app without worrying about details regarding:

  • Remote service invocation
  • HTTP request response handling
  • Thread and ANR problems
  • Search city by current geographics coordinates
  • Search city by name pattern
  • Weather provider protocol parser
  • Retrieve weather icons

This is a library project that helps developers to create easily weather app without worrying about querying and extracting information from remote weather servers. It is very simple to use and you can easily extend it to support different weather provider or you can customize it according to your needs.
By now it supports two main weather provider:

I’ve implemented a demo app (under demo module) that shows how to use the lib. At github there is moreover a short introduction about the main concepts that stand at lib base and how you can use it.
If you like it please help me to share this information.
I’ve created a community where you can help me to improve the lib, discuss about it or give  some tips or ask for  new features. If you are interested please join it.

Project repository

G+ Community

Android app development :weather app with forecast


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