Android Things API

How to build and use Restful API in Android Things

This tutorial covers how to build and use Restful API in Android Things to interact with it. Building a Restful API interface using Android Things is useful whenever we have to connect Android Things...
how to develop an android things cloud app

How to develop an Android IoT app using Android Things and Cloud

In this article, we cover how to develop an Android IoT app that uses Android Things. In more details, this Android IoT app will send data, acquired from the sensors, to the cloud. This...
Android Things GPIO pins

Play with Android Things GPIO pins and build a robot car

Android Things GPIO pins are used to control peripherals. GPIO stands for General Purpose Input Output and it is an interface to read the state of an external device. In this article, we will...
Firebase ML Kit - Face detection

Firebase ML Kit: Build a face features detecting app with Face Detection API

Firebase ML Kit brings the Machine Learning to Android/Android Things app. This is a step by step tutorial about how to use Face Detection characteristics
android things how to

Android Things: Android Internet of things tutorial

Android Internet of Things called Android Things is the new OS announced by Google. This is an Android-based OS for Internet of things (IoT). If you are new to IoT, give a look at...
android things with firebase integration

How to integrate Android Things with Firebase: Firebase IoT tutorial – Practical guide

This practical guide about Firebase IoT, describes how to integrate Android Things with Firebase. To accomplish this integration, we will build a project that controls an RGB LED remotely in real time. In more details,...