Android Security for All Your Online Needs

Playing games on an online casino is different from playing them on a desktop or laptop. More and more people are using smartphones to enjoy online games while on the move. In fact, even individuals who do not have PCs own net enabled mobiles. This means an increase in traffic on online casinos. The bad news is several casinos have yet to update their servers to accommodate this increase in traffic. This often leads to lags during gameplay.

Additional advantages

Apart from that, the quality of games available on those sites is not worth talking about. This is where Royal Vegas Casino stands apart from the rest. Why do you not play online slots available at to find out for yourself? It is a paradise for online gamers, particularly those who love playing slots. They have in excess of 220 slot games including progressive ones, and offer a wide range of transaction gateways, all of them offering 128 bit encryption. This ensures safety while depositing or withdrawing cash from the casino. The casino too provides a high level of security making it tough for hackers to steal valuable information like your username and password. Their high speed servers ensure that players never face lags while playing their favorite slot games.

Security is paramount

Although Royal Vegas uses 128 bit encryption, it provides safety to your Android phone after you have connected to their servers. What if a hacker infiltrates your android and plants malware like keyloggers in it? This dirty piece of code grabs all of your keystrokes and transmits them without your knowledge to the hacker. He can use this information to log into the casino, using your username and password and withdraw your earnings. It is the same when you log onto the payment gateways. In this case, the hacker can easily gain access to your credit card detail and withdraw money. They also use programs like sniffers that can capture data during transmission from your phone while you are in the process of logging in to the casino. The casino protects your data once you have logged in, but what about the couple of seconds you need to log in over there.

Security measures

One cannot deny the fact that malware has grown into a much greater concern since people first used Android mobiles for playing online games. If you play games online, it is paramount that you install security software on your Android phone. The first step is to install an antivirus. Instead of going in for the free ones, opt for a paid antivirus system. It is more robust than the free ones and the developers’ update its signature file on a frequent basis.

Befuddled by the options

You will find several antivirus applications available such as:
• Avast
• Norton
• Kaspersky
• 360 Security

Opt for one that offers real time protection and alerts you if any unknown application is running in the background as well. You should also install a known anti malware with a proven track record such as Malwarebytes. You should also use a password manager app like LastPass that stores and manages all of your passwords using a single master password. It encrypts these details and you need to enter a master password to gain access to other passwords. Download and install these apps to protect your data when you play online slots available at

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