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Product review policy

As a blog writer, I want my opinions and recommendations to remain credible, so while I am open to review products,
books and so on. I am careful to recommend only products that I think are relevant.
If you represent a company with a relevant product or service that you think is a good for the topic i cover in this blog, email me (


If you want to contribute to this blog, publishing your articles to have more visibility, you can contact me. I will include your post in my blog with the credit to the author and the back link to your website. When you contact me send me a brief description of the post you want to publish, and the back link to your website.


If you are interested on publishing banners or links on my site please contact me (

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Currently the PR is 3.
The site has around 95000 page views per month, and around 43000 users per month.

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