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Listening to music and radio has never been easier. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet and services like the Audials Radio Android app or Spotify, users can listen to their favorite artists, albums, or radio stations anytime they wish. Long gone are the days where you had to search for a song on the Internet, download it and then play it. We can now select a radio station based on artists or genres that we love and play them nonstop.

Radio over the Internet

Audials Radio lets its users listen to all radio broadcasts across the United Kingdom, including BBC Radio, Capital FM, and talkSPORT. This app enables users to not only search for music but also for talk shows and podcasts about their favorite subjects. Better yet, you can even customize your experience by selecting your interests and thus obtaining access to all radio stations that may be catering to what appeals you.

Furthermore, Audials Radio Android app does not limit its users to access UK radio stations; users can access radio stations from all around the world. Again, by searching for specific genres or artists, the app will let you access any radio broadcast that features these. All this is easy to access as you can zap through radio stations and save those that appeal to your tastes.

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Mobile entertainment

Because all you need to access the radio stations is an Internet connection, by connecting to a Wi-Fi signal or using a valid data plan, users can connect to any radio station. Additionally, because of Bluetooth, you can even broadcast your radio signal over a valid apparatus like a computer or AirPlay receivers; allowing you to listen to the broadcast over stronger loudspeakers. Chromecast is also available for users who wish to connect to their televisions.

But wait, there’s more. Any song that you listen over the radio can be saved on your mobile so you can listen to it offline. Then, when you connect your cellphone to your computer or tablet, you can download the song and stream it from anywhere. You could also save it on a cloud if you don’t want to take up any space on SD cards or your hard drive.

And by using wireless features, Audials Anywhere lets you synchronize your different devices so that you can listen to music anywhere you want without skipping a beat.

Other features

A bonus feature of Audials Radio is that it allows users to wake up to their favorite radio stations with the included clock radio. And for those who like to sleep a bit more, the app includes a snooze button that will let you dream for five more minutes. A sleep timer is also part of the app.


Full connectivity, wireless features, and other features make Audials Radio a must have app for those who make music a part of their lives. You can surround yourself with the sounds of different parts of the world, helping you discover a universe beyond your car’s radio dials.

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