Free Android weather resources

This post is a collection of Android weather resources that can be used to build Android weather app. As you may already know,  Weather category in Google play is one of the top categories. For this reason, this page provides a set of resources useful to  develop an Android weather based app.

There are several aspects to consider when developing a weather app for that reason Android weather resources page is split in several categories.

android weather resources

Android weather resources

This section provides a list of free weather platforms and a list of posts that describe how to use them. To have more information about weather platform you can look at my post comparing 4 free weather platforms.

Free weather platforms

Openweathermap API

This is one of my preferred platforms because it is easy to use and provides several type of data in JSON and XML.

Yahoo! Weather

Weather Underground API

For this set of API, I did not write any post, anyway, i developed an open source library in Android that can be used to build weather app easily.

This set of API is very interesting and Android Weatherlib supports it as weather provider.

Android weather app guidelines

When developing an Android app important to follow material guidelines so that the app is compliant with Android UI requirements. The post describes how to create a simple Android UI to that shows current weather information. It can be useful when you want to start with Android weather app and you need some inspiration to design UI or you want to know better how to use Android library.

Android Weather Icon

If you need some icons for your app, Victor Alvarado created some nice weather condition icons.

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  • Michal

    yaho weather app not working !

  • It can be useful when we want to start with Android weather app and you need some inspiration to design UI or we want to know better how to use Android library.This weather app is useful to me.
    Thanks for sharing..

  • We have developed Weather Neue Android weather app,with good interface,but the widget lacks information,We shall refer the forecast,weather underground APIs for changing our app,thanks

  • Android Developer

    Where are the “Free Android weather resources” ? All I see is a link to icons and links to sdks…
    Aren’t there backgrounds like on the start of the article?

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