Android Weather App: Google play store

Some hours ago i released on the play store a new weather app. This app is the result of the post i published in this blog some months ago.

Android app development :weather app with forecast


Android weather app: JSON, HTTP and Openweathermap

The app is still in the beta version and some features will be added in the feature. By now i’m interested to know your opinion about it. Below there are some screenshots:

and for a 7” tablet the result is:

while for a 10” tablet:

The app uses almost the same classes described in this blog. I’m considering to share the full source code, but i’d like to have a least 5000 downloads to consider this possibility.
Let me know your opinion about it and bugs you will find out.

Here the link to download the app.

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  • Byrd

    Great work. I'm waiting for the full source code.

  • wallace

    great app………….Plz share the source code plz………………..

  • NamHV

    Your app hasn't Home screen Widget, this is an omission. I think so

  • sajib pal

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