Android UML : Design an App – Part 2

In the last post we talked about creating a UML  use case diagram starting from scratch. We saw how we can identify app functionalities using use cases, and we found several functionalities we want our app to support.

Prioritize our functionalities

Now it is time to decide which use case (functionalities) we want to implement first, because of course we can’t code everything at the same time. Well in this case we can select the functionalities that are the core of our app, those we think  we should implement as soon as possible because they are the most important. In our case we want for sure that user can find his place and get at least the current weather condition. So we can focus our attention on two functionalities ‘Find place’ –> ‘Show matching location’ and then ‘get current weather’. Next we can start implementing the second phase of our app choosing other use cases and so on.

App navigation structure

One thing we have to consider before starting coding our app is the overall navigation structure. In this case we can have an idea of the navigation looking at the use case diagram. Looking carefully at the use case diagram shown here again we have three functionalities at the same level:

  • Get current weather
  • Gest hourly weather forecast
  • Get Daily weather forecast

Moreover we have a preference panel where we can set up our configuration details and another functionality that let us finding the place. These two functions can be accessed from the main page. So we can derive from the use case almost all the navigation structure of our app: views As you can notice looking at the diagram above, every view corresponds to a use case. The navigation between views are derived from the use case (at least almost all).

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  • heldrida

    Thanks for sharing this!

    I found the part 1 in a different website, here I find the 1 and 2 part, is there any more ? Or could you share any resources where I could learn how to design android apps using UML ?

  • survivingwithandroid

    At the moment there isnt any other part than 1 and 2. Well i didnt find much resources talking about androind and uml. You could study UML and apply it to Android. Thank you

  • heldrida

    Sure but I'd really like to see an example of how Intent , activity , etc should be represented in UML. As, it's a new concept for me, something specific to Android.

  • survivingwithandroid

    Sorry for the delay in my answer. Basically Intent, Activity are classes so you can use a static class diagram to represents the relationships between them or use a dynamic sequence diagram to represent how the information flows between class (or components).

  • Victor

    part 3 :/ ?

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