Speed Up Android Emulator – x86

Surfing the net i came across an interesting article explaining how to speed up android emulator in Windows and Mac. This is really interesting because as we all know the android emulator is very slow during the boot phase and during the normal execution.
There is an interesting add-on that we can use to make the emulator much more faster. I will explain the process on OS X but for windows it is the same. I noticed that this tool isn’t still working for 10.8.3.
The first thing you should check is if you have already download this tool. So open eclipse or go directly to Android SDK Manager. In the extra section you should find something like the image shown below:


As you can see i still didn’t download this tool so just click on the checkbox and download it. If you are using OS X 10.8.2 you should go to this link because there is an important fix that makes this tool working.
Once you have downloaded it and installed you can download Intel Atom x86 System Image.


Almost all android images have their x86.

Now you can create your AVD and remember to set CPU/ABI to Intel Atom (x86).

If you are using a new Yosemite OS X version give a look here if you want to know how to make the AVD working faster.

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