How to install Eclipse and ADT on Mac OS X

In this post i want to give some details on how to install Android Development environment on Mac Mountain Lion.

So let’s start from the beginning, we need:

  1. Download and Install JDK
  2. Download and Install Eclipse
  3. Download and Install Android SDK
  4. Download and Install Eclipse Android plugin
  5. Configure Eclipse to use JDK and Android SDK

Download and install JDK

The first step is install JDK if you don’t have it already on your Mac. Open your browser and go to Apple Developer and sign in using your developer account. Once you are logged in you have a list of tools to download. In my case i selected Java for OS X 2012-05, you can select one that fits to your needs.


When the download is completed, click on the file and you should get something like this:


Now click the icon and the installation process starts. Accept the licence and at the end you will get:


This is in italian language but it means the installation process is completed. To check if java is installed correctly open the terminal application and write:


Now you have your JDK installed and working on your Mac.

Download and install Eclipse

To install Eclipse simply go to Eclipe web site and click on Download and then on Eclipse IDE for Java Developers and select the version 32bit or 64bit. The installation process is very simple, you have just to unzip the file you downloaded and drag it in the Application folder.

Download and install Android SDK

This is also a very simple operation just go to Android web site and click on download SDK. Unzip it and you have:


I suggest you to move the android folder in another position. You can create a folder in the root folder called Android and the move the sdk there.

Download and install Android Eclipse plugin

The last step is install Android plugin for eclipse so we have an integrated development environment. Start eclipse from the Application folder and go to Help –> Install new software:


In the name add everything you like while in the location you should add

Now click on OK and go on and download the SDK. At the process end you must restart eclipse


Configure Eclipse to use JDK and Android SDK

You have almost done everything, the last step is tell to Eclipse where to find new components. In Eclipse go to Preferences –> Android and tell where to find the SDK you have installed before.


As soon as you confirm, Eclipse warns you that you didn’t have any Android platform installed and shows you the available platforms you can download. Select the platforms you want to develop to and wait the download.


When finished you’ve done!

If you have installed Yosemite and you want to make HAXM working on your new OS version give a look here.

Enjoy your new Eclipse ADT environment.


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