Peg board: Android Market analysis

Today i want to share with you some thoughts about my app’s stats.
I’ve published some months ago an app called Peg board. It is a simple app to make people playing with pegs in a table board.
After some months i want to share with you some stats.

In the picture below it is shown the total installation and the active users.

As you can see there are 379 installation and only 92 active users playing with this app.  The good thing is that there only one error!!!…so it is work!
One thing i didnt take into the account is the fact i didnt upgrade this app since i released it.

The numbers aren’t so good…i’d expect something better!

If we look at the number of active installations we can see that they’re constantly growing and it is a good sign.

One aspect that i neglected is the device optimization. I didn’t take into account the different screen sizes and resolutions and i didn’t optimize the app for the tablets.
Moreover, looking at the stats i can get that a big number of installation come from these tablets.

So my next steps are:

1. Optimize the app for different screen size and resolutions
2. Optimize the usability
3. Introduce some sounds
4. Introduce AdMob service

stay tuned…soon other stats and my new app.

  • You should always link to your app, if you mention it anyway.

    It might help ranking, bring in the odd install and it also provides context to the post.

    Two comments about your app:
    Two hurdles before players can actually play. That's no good. License only once, granted, but the other on remains.

    I also managed to run into a endless loop where the peg sound get's played over and over again (by fast swiping to the left moving out of the screen). The game is still responsive afterwards and the sound stops when I add another peg.